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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Cinema City Extreme All-Nighter Horrorthon 2015!


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Welcome Back,

Apologies for things being so quiet on my blog since November, but I've been busily working on a secret project, and now, all of my hard work, has finally paid off! If you live in (or can get too) the UK, then please pay special attention!

On Saturday 24th January 2015, I am proud to present, in connection with  OurScreen  and  Cinema City / Picturehouse Norwich...


Yes, for the first time ever in Cinema City's 36-year-long history, I am very proud to establish this all-night-long horror film marathon, for people living in and around Norwich, in Norfolk - a delightful, Medieval city in East Anglia in England...

... and I will be your host!


Starting at 11pm, and running through the night until around 8:30am the next morning, we will be showing five, delightfully sick-and-nasty films from all over the globe, on the Big Screen, where all horror is meant to be seen! In this modern, plush, 185-seater venue, you can come and share the grisly delights of the following films:

SLEEP TIGHT (2011, Jaume Balaguero)

MARTYRS (2009, Pascal Laugier)

EXCISION (2012, Richard Band, Jnr.)

ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS (aka ZOMBIE, aka ZOMBI 2) (1979, Lucio Fulci)

We will also be premiering a  BONUS FIFTH FILM,  but which will be revealed on the night itself! A film so shocking, it's not seen the inside of a cinema, since its original release, and a film so controversial, we can't even say the name of it here!

All films will be shown completely uncut and uncensored, in their original languages, with English Subtitles where applicable, with the exception of ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS which will be shown in a Dubbed English version, as this is the one most people know of.
  • This wonderful event is for over-18's only, for legal reasons pertaining to UK cinema laws.
  • Tickets cost £32.50p (approximately 40 Euros or $50 US Dollars) for the whole night, and we need an absolute minimum of 100 people to attend this event, if it's going to go ahead.
  • Tickets will reserve you a place, but actual seats are allocated on a strict first-come, first-served basis on the night of the event itself. So, you need to turn-up nice and early, if you want to get yourself a decent seat!
  • Proof Of Age may also be needed on the night too, so attendees are politely requested to bring some kind of photographic ID too, please, just in case.

All tickets can be purchased from this link here... 

...though money will NOT be taken from your debit or credit card, unless 100 people have booked!

This is the first kind of event of its type, here in Norfolk, and as such, I would very much like as many of my readers to attend this night, as is humanly possible! There are reasonably-priced hotels close to the venue, and plenty of places to eat/drink at too, if you fancy doing so, before you arrive.

Alcohol and snacks, (including popcorn and fizzy drinks), can also be bought at reasonable prices on the night, from the cinema's kiosk and bar facilities, and alcohol can be consumed in the auditoria itself, as long as those doing so, all behave themselves!

So please, pass on the link above to anyone and everyone, and I hope to see you there! And as this will be my last update before the holidays, may I wish you all Seasons Greetings!

See you soon!

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