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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Need A Replacement Arrow ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS Blu-Ray Disc?

** 5th March 2013 - N.B. Please read this  post  here first, for an urgent update, if you are looking to exchange your ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS Blu-Ray Disc! **

Finally, Arrow have pulled their fingers out from their backsides, and have posted a link as to what to do if you bought their 2012 Blu-Ray release of Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS - a title they insultingly referred to as being "definitive" in some of their advertising.

The official link can be found  here  for those who wish to see what they've said. The info, however is posted below, in case you can't access their site (or in case they decide to remove all details of its very existence)!

ALL Blu-Ray copies of the film are affected, so irrespective of whether you bought the Steelbook Set, the Limited Edition Slipcase version direct from Arrow, or simply purchased the bog-standard 2-disc Blu-Ray set from a high-street or online retailer. ALL are faulty. ALL are missing the six-seconds between the opening credits and the start of the film. If you purchased the 2-disc DVD release, be grateful. You DON'T need to send them your discs back, as your versions should be okay.

Send your Disc One Blu-Ray's (nothing else - just the first disc which has the movie on it!), including your name and address of where you want the replacement disc to be sent to, and send it off to:

Lisa Richards P.R.
P.O. Box 68474
N16 1EH
United Kingdom

You DON'T need to include proof of purchase, nor any copies of receipts or anything like that. Just send the disc and your name/address, and that should do the job. (I would recommend everyone send their disc by some kind of registered, recorded or signed-for service, irrespective of which country you live in, so that Arrow can't claim they didn't receive your disc, and use that as an excuse not to send you a replacement!)

Then, sit and wait, and at some point in the near-future, you should hopefully receive a properly remastered disc, with the missing six seconds reinserted back into the film, and a clean, proper, and uncut version of the film, with the choice of opening credits options. Unsurprisingly, Arrow hasn't said how long you should need to wait for the replacement disc to arrive, but I'd recommend waiting 21 days. If you haven't had a replacement disc by then, then telephone Arrow directly on...

Within the UK, dial: 01923-858-306
Non-UK callers, dial:  00-44-1923-858-306

...during UK office hours, and demand an explanation. Alternatively, you can write to them at:

Arrow Films
Orchard Villa
Porters Park Drive
United Kingdom

Hopefully, this sorry issue will get fixed, and then we can finally move on from it. As I've said before - see  this article here - I'm no longer prepared to pre-order and buy Arrow titles, until they get their act together. They've got some potentially great titles on the way this year, (Bava's BLACK SUNDAY, Romero's KNIGHTRIDERS, etc), but until I can be 100% certain that their products contain exactly what they're supposed too, and aren't faulty, and don't include errors, screw-up's and mistakes, then they aren't getting any more of my hard-earned. Effectively, they've lost my custom for the foreseeable future!

I'm sure there are others who feel likewise, so I know I won't be alone.

This latest screw-up is going to cost them dearly, not just in terms of lost (and future) custom, but in having to get replacements manufactured and ready. If they don't screw this replacement programme up, it'll be a miracle, such is their piss-poor track record of Customer Service and Quality Control (or lack thereof)!

One day, Arrow may finally hit a bullseye. For now, though, they're distinctly second-rate. And that's a genuine crying shame!

** ADDENDUM: After returning my faulty Blu-Ray disc to the P.R.on Monday 4th February by Signed For delivery, today (Saturday 9th February), I received my replacement disc. I have skimmed through it, and it seems that - thank goodness - the disc is 100% uncut, uncensored, and now the film includes the missing six seconds that had been previously deleted, irrespective of which version of the movie you choose to view. A nice, speedy turn-around, and I hope that everyone else gets there replacement discs in just as quick a time. **

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