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Friday, 20 May 2011

Dead Hooker In A Trunk!

Morning Everyone,

There's a new shock-trailer doing the rounds on the Internet, for a low-budget, but extremely interesting new black comedy, Indie, horror/road-movie called DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK (2009, Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska)!

The film, set and created in Vancouver, Canada has already been banned in its home country due to the strict censorship laws there, which has resulted in a lot of wonderful publicity for the film! No details on release dates yet, but it is showing at various festivals around the globe. The film follows four friends, including the Soska sisters themselves who wrote, directed and star in it, when they discover the titular dead hooker in the boot/trunk of their car. With a couple of friends in tow, they are forced to make an errand run, to dispose of the body, which also happens to have copious amounts of drugs with it!

The Soska Sisters made this film for their Graduation Class, and with its gritty footage, low-budget background, and fusion of horror and black comedy, I think this will become a very, very big cult flick! At 92 minutes, it's nice and short, and the 2.35:1 Cinemascope ratio suggests that the Sisters have really designed their film to be seen on a big theatre screen!

The film gets a UK Region 2 DVD release on 23rd May 2011! Pre-order it at  for just £8. Enjoy the trailer!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Some great trailers for you all!

I return....

Hello World! I hope you are all in good spirits. Once more, I apologise for my tardiness, as I still don't have internet access at home, and am still using the local library to write and post entries on this blog - as frustrating and annoying as it is.

For starters, I have some interesting censorship news, regarding the bete-noire video nasty that is CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. For the first time in the UK, we are getting an almost complete version, with just 15 seconds removed - for the sadistic and unnecessary knife-killing of the muskrat. The BBFC have passed the film intact, after director Ruggero Deodato explained to them that all of the animal killings in the film (other than the muskrat one) were killed according to local customs and rituals, and were then eaten after their slaughter. I'm not sure if that can truly be applied to the brutality of the turtle murder, but seemingly, the BBFC have accepted this argument.

The film will be released in late-September 2011, on a double-disc DVD and/or Blu-Ray, courtesy of Shameless Films here in the UK, alongside Deodato's own all-new "Director's Cut" of the same film. Yes, for its 32nd Anniversary, Deodato intends to digitally remaster and re-edit the film that brought him notoriety around the world, using a new Hi-Def master print. Although this alternate version of the film, is expected to be shorter than the uncut version, exactly what is to be altered, has yet to be determined. The good news, is that the HD master-print will be of the complete-and-uncut original version, after which Deodato will take his re-edit from. This means that for other nations around the globe, a newly-remastered HD version of this movie, will be available to be released, totally uncut and uncensored, in glorious 1080i/p format!

On the same day, Shameless Films will release another Deodato shocker, THE HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK (1980). No details yet have been announced, but bearing in mind the previous UK release required 11 minutes of cuts, it will be interesting to see what the BBFC say about this movie. For those who wish to view them, here are the original trailers for both films:

As-and-when I get official announcement, I will notify you all of the final BBFC decision about THE HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK.

For now, and to maintain interest, until I can continue my article on "Pornography", I have some trailers for you all to view, of films that are worthy of your attention.

The first one is I SAW THE DEVIL (2009, Woon Kim-Jee) which came out last week, here in the UK on both DVD and Blu-Ray. An excellent and nicely shocking little Korean revenge flick, starring Choi Min-Sik from OLDBOY (2003, Park Chan-Wook) When a local serial killer murders and mutilates a young lady, whose car has a flat-tyre, problems arise, as the lady concerned is the fiance of a Korean detective. The detective then decides to take personal-leave from his job, and goes out for revenge on the killer, only for the killer to be constantly toyed with by the detective.

Secondly, a retro-classic from 1990, with a personal and vastly underrated gem from Sam Raimi - DARKMAN. I love this film so much, and it can now be found very cheaply on various websites, and in certain UK supermarkets too. A brilliant, darkly-satirical comic-book movie, with the likes of Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand and the dependable character actor Larry Drake (best known for his role of mentally-disabled research assistant Benny in TV series "L.A. Law"). Raimi mixes violence, fantasy, and some very black comedy, in this tale of a scientist trying to create a synthetic human skin for burns victims, who becomes a burn victim himself, when a local drugs kingpin (Drake) mistakes him for a client who screwed him over. After being burnt alive, Neeson returns as anti-hero Darkman. The film still holds up quite well, seeing as it's now over 21 years old.

Lastly, if you can, I heartily recommend Takashi Miike's latest samurai ops THIRTEEN ASSASSINS, which is out in cinemas here in the UK now. Ending with a jaw-dropping 45-minute bloodbath samurai swordfight, that outdoes even the Kurosawa classic THE SEVEN SAMURAI (1954, Akira Kurosawa), this is a movie that deserves to be seen on the big screen.

I wish to Thank You, one-and-all, for sticking by this blog, even though - in the past five months - I haven't written half as much as I had intended too. I promise I will get things sorted out, but life can be a real pain-in-the-arse, to say the least, and despite my best intentions, something always has to get in the way. So, apologies yet again, and forgiveness is asked. (I bet you're all sick of hearing that by now!)

More Pornography to follow...