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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Word Of Advice To Lazy UK Journalists!


I just wanted to Thank Dave and all of the staff over at the  Melon Farmers  site, for their link to my "Uncoiling The Human Centipede II" article! It was greatly appreciated! I urge all of my blog fans, to go visit their site, which has many great stories about all aspects of censorship, post-haste!

Right, politeness-cap off, and rant-mode on!

Now, there are a few websites that are posting negative, jokey - actually more like snidey - stories about HUMAN CENTIPEDE II's poor performance at UK cinemas, and I felt it was sensible and important to put this so-called "news" into some sort of context.The original report can be seen  here  but those of you following HC2's UK release, will know it's been heavily cut, and has pretty much gone straight to DVD, with only a tiny cinema release.

Playing on just ten screens across the entire country, and predominantly at once-off, late-night festival screenings, the film has taken just £942 ($1500 approx) at the UK Box Office, over its opening weekend. That's just in ten, individual showings, not ten screens playing the film three or four times a day, over the three day opening weekend!

Now, I don't doubt that that is abysmal, when most films take in millions of pounds/dollars, but what this "report" has failed to bother to state, is that in the USA, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II has been doing very well, thank you very much! So far, the film has taken some $49,456 (US) in its Opening Weekend, playing on just 18 screens, and up until the end of last month, had taken in a rather healthy $118,471 (US) in total. Which is not actually that bad for a film that has barely been shown anywhere around the world.

Journalists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: If you are going to write a story, based on substandard evidence, to tell a one-sided and totally misguided article, that your readers can joke about, whilst sipping their frappacino's or caffe latte's, then please - do us all a huge favour - stop writing immediately! There are people out there, like me, that will find you out, disprove your so-called evidence, with just a few clicks of a mouse, and not only will you end up with egg on your face, you'll also look a bit of a twit at the same time!

I despair, I truly do!

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