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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Few Home Truths... Or Why The "Cult Labs Forums" Is Run By A Bunch Of Jack-Booted Morons! (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1.

Me - Any company who refuses to discuss an issue, regarding its products, is going to fall by the wayside, sooner or later. I would hate that to happen with Arrow / Shameless, et al.

Stephen@CultLabs -  You're not keen on my attitude? It actually seem to me like you enjoy confrontations with people? So i'm as bad as him because i think he's unprofessional for saying f**k you Arrow? And i'm pig-headed????? Wow!

I was then banned!

This wasn't the only reason I was banned. I also dared to try and explain, in a long and detailed fashion to another member, who were getting their panties all bunched-up, that they weren't being told why the next volume in a long-running DVD series they had been collecting, had not been released. They were up-in -arms about the fact that the releasing company hadn't posted any information as to when the next volume was due out.

Despite my explanations, which I thought were reasonable - that no customer is automatically entitled to know anything about a pending DVD or Blu-Ray release unless the company chooses to release such information to the public - this wasn't allowed at Cult Labs.

Instead, I was in the wrong, because this imbecile felt that just because they had paid hard-earned money, that that gave them automatic entitlement on information. I hate to break to them, but they can't demand or expect any company to divulge such information, if they don't want to tell you.

The individual concerned, didn't like this, and went on a minor rant about how they worked in the Customer Service industry, and that the customer is always right. (Nope, they are not! Whoever first said that, should have been put out to pasture immediately! It's a complete fallacy!)

Anyway, the ban is now in place, and I am no longer a threat to the jack-booted tweenies who run the Cult Labs Forums. Their delicate sensibilities will not be a problem they need to worry their pretty, vacuous little heads about any further. Congratulations to Arrow, and Shameless Films, on their - once again - mature and intelligent way of handling a discussion. Instead of opening up a constructive debate, the minute someone tries to get you to discuss something, you shut them down and then get rid of the offending person.

Well, maybe Kentai does have a point? Maybe what he says in his review of DEMONS is true? I certainly feel that Kentai's criticism may be justified! They do seem to get-off on shutting down actual debate, and would much prefer people simply just told them how great they are, and what a wonderful job they are doing their instead.

I certainly feel that Cult Labs is NOT a place for discussing Arrow and Shameless film releases. It's certainly not a place for questioning why they haven't done something, that anyone else in their position couldn't have. The irony is, that another Cult Labs member DID try re-syncing the old Stereo soundmix for DEMONS onto the new HD Master print, and they did it, with success, in less than thirty minutes. Thus rendering the excuses that it wasn't possible, from Arrow, to be a big, fat, freaking lie!

So why did Arrow not do this? If a member of the public can do it, surely an independent video label that specialises in restoring cult films should have been able too, moreso with the help with the Italian restoration team and studio that helped them with DEMONS?

Whatever the reasons, I suspect that it's more to do with a "can't-be-bloody-bothered" attitude that the staff at Cult Labs seem to engender, than any actual technical limitations that stopped them from re-syncing the sound. Why answer some simple questions from your customers, when you can just refuse to answer anything; when you can simply stifle discussion, because it benefits you?

Anyway, that's my story, and I've finally got it online, after a lot of hassle, I might add - thanks Internet Explorer! I'm sure my name and the name of this blog will be discussed in vitriolic anger over at Cult Lab Forums, and all I can say to them is this: You are basically a bunch of petty-minded individuals, who are screwing-over UK cult film fans, and when you don't like a question or refuse to answer an issue that gets raised, you simply find it easier to censor them, or else, excise them, as if they were a cancerous cell, instead of manning-up and responding.

That's the kind of behaviour I'd expect of a petulant six-year-old! Clearly Cult Labs Moderators are nothing but a bunch of inarticulate, jack-booted kids, and the idiots really have taken over the asylum.

Cult Labs - putting the "n" in Cuts, for your viewing pleasure!

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