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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How To Do A Proper Press Release or Keeping Your Customers Informed The Correct Way!

Thanks to the  MelonFarmers  for pointing me to this article.

If you want to keep your fans informed, a good Press Release is imperative, especially in the world of cult films being released onto DVD and Blu-Ray. As fans, collectors, customers, we seek out the best versions, the most complete editions, the ones with the most generous extras. I'm sure, like many of you, there are some films that you own different editions of, because as a cult film collector, you want everything. I own four different editions of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST: three on DVD, and one on Blu-Ray. I'll probably end-up purchasing a fifth version, when Grindhouse Releasing release their Blu-Ray Special Edition in the final quarter of 2013!

I know I've complained about Arrow in previous posts for not keeping fans informed of problems, but in the USA, Don May Jr who runs Synapse Films knows how to do just that.  This  is how you do it!

Yesterday, he posted a long and detailed  PR release pertaining to Synapse's forthcoming Blu-Ray release of STREET TRASH (1987, J. Michael Muro) explaining exactly what had happened, what had caused the delay, the problems this had caused, and what he - and by extension Synapse Films - were going to do to sort this all out, so that you - the customer - got the best release of the film possible: the best release that you truly deserve. A release worthy of any discerning film fan!

You can read the PR release at the link above. Even if you have no interest in the film itself, I would still recommend reading the link, because this shows you how cult film companies should keep their fans informed! Rather than denying something, or brushing-off complaints, you deal with the problems, head-on. If only all cult film companies acted in this same, efficient manner, where possible.

This  is what happened on an earlier release from Synapse. Again, look at the details they gave to their fans/purchasers/customers. All DVD and Blu-Ray companies should learn from Synapse's examples! This is the way you do things!

I know I've been harsh on them in the past, though not without just cause, but Arrow Video has improved, with their recent Mario Bava releases being problem-free and being very, very good in terms of picture and audio quality. Yet I still think Arrow need to learn from past mistakes, in the way they run things. I make no bones about this, when I say I truly dislike Cult Labs Forums, because of the constant and excessively fanboy-ish nature of the site, where only praise and positive discussions are allowed, but anything remotely negative results in immediate bans. Despite Arrow, or at least a representative of them saying  here  that Arrow is not directly affiliated with Cult Labs Forums, as far as the fans/purchasers/customers are concerned, it appears that CLF is linked to it. And the Cult Labs Facebook page is little better. It implies a link, even if there may not be a direct link at all. It's even promoted on the backs of most Arrow Video releases, and is trailered on their films. Thus, it seems that Arrow want to be linked with Cult Labs Forums, and on the other, you have a representative seemingly appearing to deny the link. Arrow seems incredibly indecisive once more. Not exactly unheard of, as regular blog fans will know from previous articles I've written on Arrow.

Cult film and horror movie companies can live or die with their after-sales customer service. Arrow still has room to improve, but if it does, it could be like Synapse: a company that really respects its customers, and a company that the customers truly respect back. A few more problem-free releases, and I may readjust my opinion on Arrow Video.

Best of luck to Synapse! I hope that the issues they have with their impending Blu-Ray release of STREET TRASH works out for them!

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