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Monday, 11 March 2013

A Simple Request To All Cinemagoers...

Cinemagoers of the world,

It has come to my attention, that too many of you seem to think that it is perfectly acceptable, to talk and text/use your mobile phones, when in a cinema.

It isn't!

It really pisses people off.

We pay to be entertained by the film, not by your never-ending desire to constantly update your status on Twitter every five milliseconds, or check whether your other-half has left you a message asking you to pick-up something for your sprogs after the film's ended.

A cinema audiotoria is NOT your front room.

It is NOT a space for you to do as you please. You don't get to remove your shoes, or scoff large side-orders of cheesy nachos, nor put your feet-up on the back of another seat, and you absolutely do NOT have the right to use your mobile phone - at anytime during the film, for any reason, ever.

This is a space meant for one thing, and one thing only:


So, if you are the kind of socially-inept, knuckle-dragging ingrate who thinks it's ok to "just check my phone", or give everyone a quick pre-cursor to which other films the person onscreen has been in, please do the rest of us a favour, and kindly stay the fuck at home! You may think you are being cool, or clever, but you aren't. You're being deeply, deeply retarded!

In a cinema, there are unwritten rules: a code of conduct, if you will. The rules are simple...

Please abide by this code! If not, then this is what will happen to you...


I trust this makes things amply clear.

Cinemas: a place to be entertained by the majesty of the movies, and nothing more!

Thank You For Reading!

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