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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Say Hello To RUMAH DARA!

Hello Everyone,

There's a new Singaporian/Indonesian horror film, that is slowly becoming available in the West. Called MACABRE, it was originally titled RUMAH DARA, (2009, The Mo Brothers), which is the lead villainess's name - Dara being her first or fore-name.

The film has just come out on UK Region 2 DVD courtesy of Scanbox, and it deals with a group of friends who have the misfortune to run-into a young woman at a petrol station, who claims she is the victim of a robbery. After they take her home, she invites them into her abode for a fine meal and a chat, as way of a Thank You. Little do these people realise, that they've just walked into the home of a very, very nasty lady, and several assorted psychopathic individuals!

Garnering an 18 certificate here in the UK, with a warning for "Contains very strong bloody violence and gore", this is sure to be a great cult hit, and I urge my readers to check it out. You can order the film from for less than £8 by clicking here, and as such, I heartily recommend that you get this disgusting little item.

For now, enjoy this trailer... I apologise it's not the best quality, but hopefully it'll give you a taster.

There are a few differences between the Indonesian and Singaporian theatrical versions. The Indonesian Theatrical Release removes a brutal decapitation sequence, whilst Singaporian viewers included the decapitation, but all scenes detailing bladed weapons/implements making contact with human flesh - of which there is a hell of a lot in this flick - were removed, and replaced with alternate footage. Thankfully, the UK release is the full and uncut version, containing every ounce of gore and violence. And it's a mightily strong film, if I dare say so. Something I'm sure my readers will take a great deal of pleasure in.

Having watched the film, it's very enjoyable. It's by no means the best horror ever, and if you pick-it-apart, you'll see it's nothing more than an Indonesian variation on THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (1974, Tobe Hooper), but it's still fun.

There's enough gore and violence to accompany the story, without one forsaking the other. And a couple of the goreiest scenes, will certainly make you jump, or watch with your mouth wide open in shock. (Always a good thing!) The film's been tightly edited and paced, so that viewers are never bored and the story isn't left wandering aimlessly - as some horror films inevitably do. All-in, this is a nice little film, with its only problem being that the print quality isn't as sharp as I would have liked. It's by no mean bad, but there are a few scenes where dark rooms and hair are just swathes of black, with zero detail to show what they actually are. I don't think this is a fault of the UK DVD release, per se, but more to do with the original print from which the master has been created from.

There are a couple of extras: an 11-minute "Making Of" which is acceptable, but is more of a public-relations promo than any comment on how the film was technically created, and some trailers (all of them, bar the one for RUMAH DARA, being universally crap). Not much, but it's something at least.

It's still worth getting, but if anyone releases a version with improved picture, then I will definitely get it. This film has the potential to look amazing, but this DVD is certainly acceptable for the time being.

See you soon

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