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Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Human Centipede II - Finally Available To Purchase!


It may have been cut by 2m 37s, but THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II: FULL SEQUENCE can now be pre-ordered from, on either Blu-Ray (£13-99) here or DVD (£12-70) here .

Extras will include:
- A deleted scene
- An audio commentary by Tom Six and Ilona Six
- Trailers
- Discussion on the censorship issues.

The film is out on Monday 21st November, just in time for Christmas!

Staying with THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II, it has now also been announced that in Australia, the R18+ certificate that was awarded for the film's theatrical release, is under threat in New South Wales, from the local Attorney General. As such, a review will be considered on 4th November, by the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC), as to whether the certificate shall remain, or whether the film is "RC" - Refused Classification.

There has been a lot of recent problems with controversial films being awarded certificates in Australian, only for a short time to pass, and then the certificates are revoked in full. A SERBIAN FILM fell in to the same problems last month, where the cut UK version was awarded an R18+ certificate, and then withdrawn just two days after the film's offical home viewing release. This meant that the Australian distributor was forced to recall all unsold copies of the film, for the forseeable future, and is unable to sell them. Owners of the film on DVD are now technically breaking the law, as the film is now no longer legal to own in most Australian terrirtories, despite it being legal just a short while previously!

Ultimately this leaves Austalian film distributors in a painful scenario. Where films are legal one minute, and then banned the next, is it worth independant distribution firms like Bounty Films, (the distributors of HUMAN CENTIPEDE II), paying for films to be classified, if the certificate can then be withdrawn at any moment thereafter, leaving them with theatrical prints that can't be shown, or the film on DVD and/or Blu-Ray's that can't be sold or exported abroad either? This kind of farce will only harm independant cinema in Australia, as companies will not want to risk spending time, effort and money in producing risky or provocative entertainment, if they hard work is likely to all be in vain.

How on earth Australian movie collector's cope with this bizarre system, I will never know! And to think that people moan about the BBFC's tactics of censoring material! At least once they award a certificate, it cannot be withdrawn, unless a change in law is passed to make the film illegal.

For now, though, the UK will be the only country where film fans can legally purchase and own a copy of this controversial flick. Irrespective of your thoughts on the film, sales should be pretty good, due to global demand from fans wanting to own one of the most talked-about movies in recent months! Until an uncut US release is decided upon - and this is not likely to occur until some time next year, and there's no guarantee that it even will be uncut - the Human Centipede will remain a distinctly British affair!

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